Why the name Children of Fatima co-op?  It’s so close to Our Lady of Fatima co-op’s name.

The Children of Fatima co-op was born out of the Our Lady of Fatima co-op.  OLF graciously hosted Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in their co-op for 4 years.  We grew to 2 levels and took up a huge classroom for a better part of the day.  We knew CGS would continue to grow and that we needed more space and did not want to take away any more classrooms from OLF, whose primary focus has always been educating the high school students to prepare them for college.  When we decided to move to our own day we saw a need to serve children who did not want to attend college and our Applied Learning program was born.   We see CoF as a sister co-op to OLF and have many families that do both co-ops!!

Will my children be given homework or receive grades from CoF?

Children of Fatima co-op encourages parents to be the primary educators of their children. As such, homework will not be assigned by CoF guides,  nor will grades be given by guides/assistants at CoF.